Canon Ivy REC Camera Review

I decided I needed a camera when I got rid of my iPhone.The 2MP camera on my flip phone was not enough. I was looking for a camera that was small, light, and shot great photos and videos. I chose the Canon Ivy REC, a solid $79 camera.

This is the perfect camera for leaving your house when you don’t want to carry your phone around.

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A beautiful sunset captured on the Canon Ivy REC

This camera shoots Full HD 1080p videos with up to 60fps and has a 13.0-megapixel CMOS sensor capturing high-resolution images. The camera is shockproof, waterproof, and perfect for outdoor adventures as well as daily use. Water resistance means you can take underwater photos up to 6.6 feet deep!

A beautiful sunset taken on the Canon Ivy REC in Newport, RI with blissfully soft sand

For me, I take pictures with the purpose of triggering memories. I don’t shoot with the explicit purpose of sharing photos. This camera helps me reach this goal enough. It’s as easily portable as my iPhone.

The viewfinder doubles as a clip and clips easily to my wallet. You can clip the camera on a water bottle, belt loop, backpack, or more! Unfortunately this means that there is no screen for you to immediately look at your shots. But why not trust your shot?

Kulfi ice cream (cardamon, pistachio, and almonds) from Three Sisters in Providence, RI

The camera also connects to bluetooth and photos can be easily accessed via the Canon Ivy REC iPhone or Android app and saved locally. However, in order to save photos in the first place, you must put a microSD card inside. For me, since I don’t use an iPhone, I just upload my photos to my computer and then to Google Photos at full resolution.

There are 5 easily navigable settings: bluetooth connection, off, camera, video, mixed video/camera. Easily turning this off and on between your shots means the battery lasts practically weeks without a recharge.

Though it feels like a normal camera, your friends or family might forget, remind them to not cover the camera when they are taking a picture of you.

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Beware of floating fingers!

Night time and low light photos don’t come out with the best contrast. I recommend using your friend’s smartphone for taking these types of pictures.

Additionally, be sure to stabilize your shot with both hands or on something solid, especially when shooting video. Shoot your videos with slow movement and rotation to maintain the best shot.

There is no auto-stabilizing software in the camera, and it is very sensitive to movement. There is also a mic on top right next to the camera button, so don’t cover it when you are shooting!

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Beautiful rocks at Beavertail Park in Jamestown, RI

This camera is also good for children who want to run around and take pictures and you don’t want to give them something expensive or easily breakable.

P.S. Hopefully these photos inspire you to take a quick visit to Rhode Island, please let me know if you do! All photos in this article were shot on my Canon Ivy REC.

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Thank you to Eric Kim for inspiring me to start this blog

Why I Chose the Alcatel SMARTFLIP GoFlip 3

This is my phone.  

I have a flip phone. And flip phones aren’t just for grandparents. 

There are many phones to choose from when deciding to throw away your iPhone (sell it rather for cash). At first glance, most flip phones look the same. A T-9 keyboard, a classic flip to dramatically hang up on partners or parents, a 2-inch screen, and of course speed dial exist for all of your communication needs.

Fortunately, flip phone software differentiates one flip phone from the next. And Alcatel’s SMARTFLIP / GoFlip 3 software stands out. (There are two names because Alcatel sells this phone as the SMARTFLIP to AT&T and as the GoFlip 3  T-Mobile, Sprint). The SMARTFLIP runs on KaiOS, a mobile operating system released in 2017. 

KaiOS is equipped with 4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity. With their investments and partnerships with Google KaiOS provides Google Assistant features, a Google web browser, and Google Maps. You can dictate all of your text messages by stepping out into the hallway to “text” with Google Assistant. You can satiate your curiosity by using a moderately slow web browser. And you won’t get lost with an excellent navigation tool at your fingertips. 

Fortunately, in the KaiOS store, there was no Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat to download, but there was a radio and music app where I could listen to music as I walked or local radio to listen to the news while commuting through a headphone port on the left side. 

The silent, vibrate, and sound buttons are easy to maneuver on the right hand side just pressing down all the way for silent and vibrate one above that, and sound levels up to 15 above that. Speakerphone is easy to use, it is just the center OK button. Similarly muting yourself is easily accessible as the left top button. Bluetooth headphones can also connect to the phone for phone calls which is easy to set up. 

The phone takes a Nano SIM card (same as iPhone) in the back and has an easily removable back for battery replacements and a micro SD card for saving images. The Alcatel SMARTFLIP is equipped with a 2 Megapixel phone on the top half of the body, so you won’t accidentally cover up the camera while you are taking a picture. 

It is possible to check your email, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Twitter on this phone if your heart so desires, but wouldn’t that be ruining the point of getting rid of your iPhone in the first place?

Lastly, there is no support for group texts. I’m still looking for a phone with group messaging support.

If you find another flip phone you enjoy, please let me know and I will review it!