Why would a Gen-Z’er get rid of her iPhone?

Hey there, my name is Karina Bao and I believe the phone pandemic is killing our minds. Consider this blog as an on-going stream of thoughts related to Tech Essentialism, Tech Reluctance, and Everything In-Between.

I plan on writing reviews, how to’s, and more personal essay about my experiences striving towards ‘digital zen’.

If you’re a fellow Gen Z’er, a millennial, and also feel that phones are killing our minds and have generative ideas to contribute, shoot me an email at karina_bao@brown.edu

Ideas in Progress

On my philosophy of ‘tech essentialism’:

  1. Why I got rid of my iPhone
  2. My first month with a flip phone
  3. Why I don’t have WiFi at home
  4. Why the pandemic is the best time to get rid of your iPhone
  5. Why I chose the Alcatel GoFlip 3. 
  6. Canon Ivy REC review.